Friday, July 14, 2006

Behind the scenes from the swimwear shoot

As promised, here are some of the behind-the-scenes snaps I took at Andre's swimwear shoot on Wednesday.

The rain and wind start up again

Swimwear designer Lila styles Diana

Andre looking through his trusty Mamiya RZ67

Our trusty Elinchrom Ranger RX all wet and loving it!

Makeup artist Valerie works on Crystal

Crystal gets into position while Lila gets the bubbles ready

Test run of the crew gettin' the bubbles going

Andre poses Diana

Arturo steps in to lend a hand...

...and move a distrating trashcan

Finished shot of Diana © Andre Rowe

And there you have it. Another successful shoot. Check out the lighting on Diana in the finished shot above. Two beauty dishes and that Maxi-lite in the back, highlighting her hair and adding a rimlight to her arms. The colors pop and the look is clean. No Photoshop required. Who said film is dead? Don't worry, we won't start that discussion today.

Speaking of Photoshop, I'm teaching a PS class tomorrow at Dale Photo & Digital. Should be a fun three hours. All my students bring their own projects for me to work on. I think that approaching Photoshop with a goal in mind allows for a more complete picture of Photoshop workflow. Not bits and pieces, but start to finsih. This way, we can see how all the tools work together.


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