Friday, May 09, 2008

New Gitzo Heads Announced

I just got news about the new line-up of Gitzo center ball heads. These heads are completely redesigned and have impressive specs. I'll follow up with availability when I get more info from the Gitzo product manager. Now some pics, specs, and ballpark pricing. All have seperate pan and ball locks.

First, the GH1780 (non quick release) looks really interesting for M8 use or as a general heavy-duty, extremely light weight head. It weighs a mere 0.6 lbs (9.6 oz) and holds 22 lbs! Only a little over 3" tall as well. About $200.

For those willing to add a bit of weight for quick release, the GH1780QR has the same weight capacity of 22 lbs, but weighs in at 0.77 lbs (12.3 oz). Check out the dual level. About $250.

Next, skipping the non QR versions, is the GH2780QR. This 1.1 lbs (17.5 oz) head ups the load capacity to 30.86 lbs and adds friction control as well. This is a nice, still smallish head that holds just about anything. About $350.

The largest of the bunch is the GH3780QR. It weighs 1.57 lbs (25 oz) and holds a whopping 46.3 lbs. About $400.

For me, I'm thinking GH1780 or GH1780QR.

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