Friday, August 14, 2009

Official Tech Specs for the Leica S2

I just received the official, final tech specs on the Leica S2. I'm actually traveling and don't have a lot of time to make this look pretty, so here it is. I will post more details later and some of my initial impressions, as well.

Camera type:
Digital single-lens reflex camera for use with Leica S lenses

Image sensor:

Low-noise Kodak CCD sensor. Resolution: 37.5 megapixels (7,500 x 5,000).

Size: 45 x 30mm, pixel spacing: 6µm. Aspect ratio: 3:2.

Dynamic range:
12 stops

Color depth:
16 bits per pixel

Low-pass filter:
none (Moiré detection and suppression using digital signal processing)

Sensitivity range:
ISO 80 to 1250 (manual or automatic control)

Data storage (format):
DNG (approx. 75 MB per image), JPEG (basic or fine),

Memory cards:
Compact Flash (up to 64 GB), SD cards (HC)

Maximum frame rate:

1.5 images/s, buffer memory: 1 GB (for a minimum sequence of 8 images in DNG format)

Control monitor:

3-inch TFT with 460,000 pixels, 16 million colors, cover glass: highly abrasion and scratch resistant sapphire glass (only with the LEICA S2-P)


High-speed USB 2.0 (robust connection with strain-relief, cable included), HDMI, remote release, X sync, SCA3002

Exposure metering:

Multi-field metering (5 fields), center-weighted integral metering, spot metering (3.5%)

Exposure control:
Program mode (with Shift function), shutter priority, aperture priority, manual metering

Metal focal-plane shutter integrated in body: 1/4000 s to 32 s (B to 120 s)

Flash sync time:
1/125 s

Optional leaf shutter in selected lenses:
1/500 s to 32 s

Flash synch time:
All speeds

Flash operation:

Metering method:
TTL (multi-field, center-weighted, spot), TTL-HSS rapid synchronization up to 1/4000 s with focal plane shutter

fully compatible with LEICA SF 58 and devices with SCA3002 adapters

Auto Focus:
Central crosshair sensor, focusing drive in lens

Operating Modes:
AF Continuous, AF Single, MF, MF Override

High eye-point pentaprism viewfinder


Viewfinder field: 96%

Diopter compensation: -3 to +1

Focusing screen: Matte with cross-hairs (interchangeable)

Power supply:
Li-Ion battery (7.4 V, 2150 mAh)


Die-cast magnesium, resistant to dust and dripping/splashing water

Size (without lens): 6.29 x 4.72 x 3.15 in

Weight: 49.73oz (including battery)

Scope of supply Software
Adobe Lightroom, Leica Image Shuttle, one battery, charging unit, USB cable

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